Passion & Mission

Having chronic back pain is like being in a bad relationship. You don’t know which one of life’s simple pleasures it will take away next.

My Back pain triggered in my mid-twenties by an onset of a slip disk, I consulted numerous doctors and managed pain via medicines; as the drug would wear off the pain would come crashing back – Clearly it was there to stay....

I remained bed ridden for a year.

However, during my time training with Shiamak Dawar & Bharatnatyam dancer Yamini Krishnamurthy, I had picked up simple pre dance stretches, this worked better than popping pills. Having tasted success in this direction, I decided to try Yoga. My Journey in Yoga was a watershed event.I realized that I am rather good at it and when my kids started to emulate me, I knew I was on to something. Within no time I got certified and I had endless energy- took me some time to realize that my back pain was GONE. It was not less or manageable- It was GONE.

I was Pain free for the first time in years, I felt light as a feather and suddenly I was a better Mom to my 15 and 18 year olds, Wife, Online Yoga Teacher, Cook & Kids CarPool Lady 🙂 It was time to live out loud once again. I got dance back in my life again.

join me ?

I won accolades and awards and even got an award from Kangana Renaut in an international forum. Today,  I have touched the lives of nearly a 1000 people through Yoga Online. My biggest reward is to see people unlock potential beyond physical benefits via Yoga. To watch them connect and reshape their inner selves is a treat, I never would have envisioned.

Who should join online classes For Yoga with Anjalica (YWA)?
Anyone who is overweight ?

  • No, peace measures to lack of everything.

  • Keeping peace in life is important.

  • And Yoga helps you keep that.
Anyone spending long working hours on computers

  • Long hours of sitting on a laptop, taking a toll on you?

  • Those hours can stress you out.

  • Yoga with us and DE stress!
Anyone who encounters stress, burn-out or lack of deeper fulfillment?

  • No, peace measures to lack of everything.

  • Keeping peace in life is important.

  • And Yoga helps you keep that.
Anyone who does not enjoy life to the fullest and lacks a sense of purpose?

  • Yoga can open your eyes to new possibilities.

  • It opens your mind to new things and gives you a purpose.

  • Do yoga to find value in life!
Anyone who doesn’t have intimate and satisfying relationships?

  • To walk the path of a satisfying relationship.

  • Book your class with your partner.

  • And build relationships together.
Anyone who is overweight ?

  • Yoga is the best exercise ever.

  • Keeps you in shape and keeps you young forever!

  • It’s like one yoga session every day, keeps the weight away.
My experience
  • A Certified Yoga and trainer, I have helped individuals and organisations beat home and workplace stress through Yoga online sessions. 
  • I also specialise in Hatha Yoga, Iyengar Yoga & Vinyasa Yoga. 
  • I am also an international award winning choreographer and is trained under acclaimed Indian choreographer Shiamak Davar and Bharatnatyam dancer Yamini Krishnamurthy. 
  • I have researched for years during my recovery from Stress, Depression, Back Pain & Onset of Slip Disc and I learned that the most important thing about Yoga is something more, than just a workout routine. 
  • Yoga has always been more of a philosophy, a lifestyle for your MIND & BODY  balance to attain self-realisation.
Why should you join my online Yoga classes ?

Have you ever thought about why people join the gym, jog, run, cycle or walk among other exercises to burn stress? Unfortunately, in short, stressful workouts don’t eliminate stress but YOGA does.

Lets Simply put – Yoga makes people “Happy”

How will you benefit?
    •  I specialize in de-stress and weight loss yoga therapies by conducting online yoga programmes from age groups of 4 to 70 years.
  •  I have helped scores of people to beat stress whether it’s caused at the workplace or at home.
  • I have developed unique and innovative methods through Yoga. I will teach you creative Yoga asanas to relax your mind and body.
  • My online Yoga sessions will not only help you to relax, but also release the tension in your muscles and ease your mind of stress.
  •  I will train you to inject Dopamine in your brain neuro-transmitters, and you will get back your enthusiasm and happiness.
  • Your job performance will rocket, and your relationships with family and friends will become normal. In short, you will be more relaxed, cheerful and a happy person.
Dos and Don’ts –

Ensure that you are in a calm and quiet atmosphere

A relaxed body and mind is the best state to be in

Avoid eating anything before the session

A mattress/ yoga mat/ folded mat is to be used for the session

Light and comfortable clothes should be worn to facilitate easy movement

The asanas are to be avoided if you are unwell or in an acute stress condition

Perform the asanas according to your own capacity

Take a bath only after 20 or 30 minutes of the session

Eat only after 20-30 minutes of the session.

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